The services we provide include

  • Public Policy Interventions
  • Capacity Building on public awareness, communication and advocacy
  • Gender Empowerment Strategies and Services
  • Communications and media strategies, tools, techniques and services
  • Social Mobilization
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • Media Management
  • Event Management and their Visibility
  • Lobbying, Networking and Image Marketing.

Our services are more conceptual and focused on achieving sustainable development than directed at commercial gains, and are motivated to bring about a lasting change in the development communication scenario of Pakistan.

Module-development & Training Workshops

We aim to develop capacity building concepts, modules and conduct training workshops for in-house, and internal communication among civil society organizations, and external communication to media, government and business sectors.

Communication Strategies

We have the capacity to prepare strategies for Advocacy, Outreach, Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Image Building and Media Management.

Event Management

We can arrange Festivals, Fairs, Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Fundraising Concerts, and Launching Ceremonies for mass awareness and to advance the sustainable development issues.


We provide more focused, rational, thematic and cost effective advertising concepts for better communication of sustainable development issues; also develop custom modules and conduct training on how to effectively place public service messages in the media.

Media Management for Social Mobilization

We arrange mainstreaming of the good practices in the development sector through news coverage, photo service, features, exclusive interviews, investigative reports, and programs for electronic media; also develop customized modules and conduct training on how to appropriately communicate your message to media by using different tools and techniques.

Resource Mobilization & Fundraising

We help in arranging concerts, festivals & fairs, souvenirs, merchandising products, and exhibitions not only to advance your objectives but also to facilitate fundraising.

Material Development & Publications

You can contract our innovative, cost effective and time efficient services for report writing, translations, editing, designing, printing, and publishing.

Radio & TV Productions

We develop message-oriented one-line concepts as well as produce programs for TV and radio channels and help in air-time buying to broadcast the programs produced for your specific objectives and target audience.

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