Our Vision

The Need

Feeling the widening communication gap between public interest organizations and media, a group of media professionals and NGO activists led by Munir Ahmed, communication expert, journalist, writer and broadcaster, initiated the idea of a very professional, non-profit and impartial organization in the communication sector of Pakistan to communicate and advance sustainable development agenda. DEVCOM – Development Communications Network, is the result of the initiative. Launched on March 16, 2003, the DEVCOM is being run by its 12-member Board Of Governors (BO comprising leading mid-career professionals from different sectors of media, NGOs, government, business, and academia, and headed by a chairman.

The Philosophy

DEVCOM, Pakistan’s premier communication sector non-profit organization, aims at bridging the information and knowledge gap among various sectors of Pakistan to foster the implementation of sustainable development. We believe that we need to reach wider audience of communities, communicators and policy-makers with visionary thoughts and clarity of communication on sustainable development issues. We also need to re-invent the tools and techniques for effective and integrated communication of what we know, to achieve better and long-lasting impacts.

The Vision

We at DEVCOM believe that we need to focus on integrating internal and external capa building initiatives to communicate sustainable development.

In-house capacity to communicate plays pivotal role in internal communications to strengthen relationship within the civil society organizations to work together on collaborative research and training projects, and also for information dissemination and knowledge sharing with media and policy-makers in government and corporate sectors.
Capacity building for external communication is essential for civil society organization to communicate their perspectives, projects, goals, outcomes and achievements through media so as to engage government and corporate policy-makers in sustainable development solutions.

The Mission

DEVCOM will develop concepts and training modules, conduct trainings of print and broadcast journalists, communication people and other media professionals to enhance their capacity to communicate better with their respective audience on wide ranging issues of sustainable development including environment, eco-tourism, culture & heritage, gender, health, education, democracy, quality education, literacy, go governance, community participation in decision-making and other issues related to pu safety. DEVCOM will also provide highly professional services for social mobilization, resource mobilization and fundraising, advocacy, media management, PR, publishing, and other outreach initiatives.
The message-oriented communication on wide ranging issues would also be achieved through special investigated features for print media, and documentaries and programmes for radio and TV channels.

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