Our Strategy

The DEVCOM approach shall be participatory, collaborative, objective, transparent and more flexible to achieve the targeted goals. DEVCOM shall maintain a focused mission and action agenda in order to improve its efficiency, interacting with other networks and initiatives to ensure its effectiveness. DEVCOM shall strive to add value to information and knowledge to make it more relevant to all stakeholders and decision-makers. The outcome of our endeavours will be open to discussion and evaluation, and shall also be communicated to the concerned quarters to improve quality and effectiveness of our achievements.


DEVCOM will focus on the common interests of civil society organizations, government and corporate sectors, and to share distinct and diverse skills by collaborating on communications activities and taking new initiatives to achieve the following objectives;

  • To launch communications activities to inform broader and wider audiences about sustainable development.
  • To initiate in-house, internal and external capacity building programs for civil society organizations, media, government and corporate sectors.
  • To introduce, re-invent new communications tools and technologies to broadly share the knowledge and information dissemination, and about the rational, effective and efficient use of Internet Communications Technologies.
  • To develop, experiment and integrate unconventional and new communications tools and technologies with existing ones.
  • To provide various forums to share experiences in the management of sustainable development communications.
  • To help civil society organizations launch advocacy, outreach, social mobilization, lobbying, resource mobilization, and fundraising campaigns to raise public awareness, influence decision-makers and facilitate positive change in the society.

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